BrainCore Neurofeedback

Help my brain be calm, clear, less anxious, focused, and organized!

Learning, focus, behavioral outbursts, anxious thoughts, foggy thinking produce worry, frustration, and doubts in the one that suffers and those that live with them.  Are you working to identify and correct the underlying issue or merely compensating for the problem?

We have helped hundreds of Hoosiers and their families identify abnormal brain patterns/dysregulations and build better brains.  We all know you can not fix what you can not see, and seeing is knowing.  Call and schedule to receive a Qeeg/brain map and if BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy would be of benefit in building a better functioning brain.

Life can be better; better focus, better emotions, better processing, better households, better life….or wait and continue to struggle and worry, wishing something would change.  Call today. 317-247-1717


Dr. Steve Mangas Talks About BrainCore Therapy: