Testimonials for Allerg-Ease/Bax Protocols

Allergy Symptoms/Pet and other sensitivities

Jennifer G.
My symptoms were hay fever, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, and asthma for the past 15-20 years. Medicines prescribed for these symptoms left me tired and I was unable to go many place because of allergic reactions (ex. Outdoors, homes with pets, ) I also had migraine headaches that made it difficult to work, forcing me to go home. I tried shots that resulted in no improvement and swelling at injection sites. The meds helped but I had to continuously use them.
After the BAX protocols, my symptoms were reduced. I no longer take prescription meds or nasal sprays and have fewer headaches. I can now pet other people’s dogs.

Sharon F
I had an allergy cough that was severe for approximately one year. I also had a runny nose and sneezed a lot. I would hav e coughing spasms from the time my feet hit the floor in the morning and even when I wen to bed at night. I used allergy medicines and sprays and they helped only to a small degree and then only temporarily. Going out socially was always a strain having to use cough drops or cough medicine. Shopping, eating out, getting into cars, all aspects were affected.
After each BAX protocol, I noticed improvement. If it was grass, pets, kapok, or pollen, my symptoms improved. Now I do not cough at all upon rising and I rarely cough. I sleep better without coughing during the night, I can eat out without worrying about an embarrassing coughing fit, attend church, school events of my grandchildren, plays etc. I am so pleased that after a year with this problem it is no longer affecting my life!!!

Barb W.
I have had headaches and a runny nose constantly associated with allergies. I have used nasal sprays and grape seed oil sprays with some success. My skin always itched after cutting grass and my eyes would water along with my nose running.
After going through the BAX protocols, my allergy symptoms got much better. I no longer itch after cutting the grass. It has been the best allergy year for me so far.

Karen M.
I was feeling sluggish, headachy, itchy watery eyes especially in the spring and fall. I felt bad after working outside or mowing. I had no idea until after the BAX protocols how many things were affecting me. The family doctor prescribed antibiotics when symptoms got bad. Then they said I was taking too many antibiotics to often.
After the BAX protocols I now feel better generally. I can be around dogs, snuggle my cat, work outside, be unaffected by cell phone towers, etc. I no longer feel like my head is going to blowup. While others are missing work right now because of allergies, I am not even affected in the worst of the fall season. I REGRET NOT BEING ABLE TO GO THROUGH THIS PROGRAM SOONER!

Blake J.   “I had symptoms for a few years like sneezing, itching eyes, nasal congestion, and headaches. I had a hard time breathing through my nose so I would snore and had a hard time running distances. I would get headaches a few times per month. I used Claritin but it stopped working. I didn’t get a good nights sleep because congestion and snoring.
After the BAX protocols I could actually breath through my nose and I was no longer congested. I don’t get headaches anymore and I no longer snore. I can run for longer periods of time. My eyes don’t water or itch either.”

Liz Y.   “I had allergic and sinusitis symptoms including digestive issues. I stayed inside to avoid symptoms. The medicines made me sleepy and weren’t successful. I quit doing outside activities.
After the BAX protocols I no longer take the meds and I can do things outside and enjoy them.”


“I can breath without feeling congested and the sinus headaches are gone.”

Carol B .”I had been on Alergra daily for years. I had sinus headaches and infections frequently. The infections made me tired, more prone to illness, and I just didn’t feel well. The drug kept the worst of the headaches away. I found myself cinstantly clearing my throat as mucous drained.   After BAX protocols I regained the ability to deep breath and my ability to sing on key returned. I still have occasional pressure headaches but they are much better. I am off Allergra and I no longer have to clear my throat.”


Gary P. “I have suffered with headaches all of my life but they intensified after I had nerve damage to my optic nerve which occurred several years ago. It was not unusual fo rme to have a migraine 3-4 times per week. The symptoms decreased the quality of life as well as less productivity at work. Often I had to miss family events and sometimes work due to the severity of headaches. In addition the medication taken for prevention made me be not very alert and yet I was still getting headaches. I then was on the steriod prednisome for about two years.

I have had somewhere around thirty different prescription medications including prednisome, seizure medications, alpha and beta blockers,etc. I alos had several different medications to handle headaches when I got one including Relplax, MaxAlt and Imitrex. Sometimes I would take three injections in a day to get relief. The drugs themselves inhibited my ability to concentrate and even so I continued to suffer from frequent headaches. I was also becoming increasingly dependent on the prednisome and taking larger dosages. The headaches were essentially controlling my life.

After starting with the BAX_3000, I stopped taking my preventative medications except for prednisome and slowly was able to reduce the prednisome as well. I also was not having to take the medications for the migraines because I was not experiencing any headaches of any caliber. In the past I would use up my insurance allotment for the headache medications and each year would have to file an appeal to get more. I have not even had to renew any of the prescriptions for the last three months.

I am taking no preventative medications and am completely off the prednisome. I have not had a migraine in about three months and do not feel that I have a black cloud over my head that controls my life any more.

I can be confident that I can get through the day without suffering from a migraine. I no longer live in fear of when the next one will come over me. I don’t lose work time and leisure time because of suffering from a headaches. I don’t take any medications for prevention and rarely need to take something for a headache. I have never been this free of headaches in my life. ”

Jennie D     “I had migraines and severe headaches. I had no energy and just didn’t feel well. The combination of headaches and low energy made my life miserable. I had tried avoiding foods with milk and wheat and it helped reduce the headaches a lot. But, it was very difficult to avoid milk and wheat in all situations.
After going through the BAX protocols, I felt better than I had in YEARS.. I had so much more energy. The headaches lessened from daily to only occasionally. I can eat a lot more normally, am more active, and much happier. I don’t have to eat such a restricted diet.”


Cathy W.  “I have had irritable bowel syndrome for over 10 years. The past nine months had been severe with liquid diarrhea, abdominal cramping and toxic buildup. I wasn’t getting the nutrients I needed so I was tired and depressed. I did not have a sense of well-being. I was in survival mode. I had a variety of testing done. (My insurance company paid close to $15,000. for this diagnostic testing.) I had chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture as well as naturopathic medicine that helped to a degree.

After meeting with Dr. Mangas and starting the BAX-3000 protocols, I became aware of the amount of allergies I had. As I began treatment, there was a noticable difference right away and it continued to get better.

I was given a second chance at life. I can eat anything, I have lots of energy, more stamina, and a sense of well being. I no longer have to monitor what I eat, I sleep much better,and don’t take much medicine (naturopathic).”

Jerry “I had severe heartburn and irritable bowels. I also suffered from some moderate brain fog. I had to be very cautious about the foods I ate and never knew when the pain was going to hit or would have to find a bathroom. The allergies clouded my thinking and zapped my energy. I tried probiotics and ate Tylenol with little relief.

Since going through the BAX-3000 series, my bowels have stabilized and my thinking has cleared. I have increased energy and worry much less. I can eat almost anything, and enjoy foods I could not eat before. I can workout harder. ”

Mollie S
“I have had celiac for two years. I can’t eat at a lot of restraunts. After the BAX protocols I can now eat foods that I have not been able to eat for two years.”


Christina D
Christina has had asthma for four years, since she was five. In the fall when her asthma flared she was on many medicines and felt horrible. It limited her time outside, she had to avoid triggers, and was always on controller medicines. It changed where she could go as well as her school and pleasure activities.
After the BAX protocols, she didn’t have any asthma flares this fall! We have more freedom because we don’t have to do nebulizer treatments every 4 hours. We also don’t stress about asthma

Brian      “It has been amazing. You told me it might take a few weeks but I noticed a difference immediately. I feel good!!”


Darlene C
“I suffered from an itching scalp. I also had a rash that moved from place to place on my body. It drove me NUTS! I saw a dermatologist and he gave me medicines and they helped, but the symptoms always returned.
After doing the BAX protocols, the rash and itching got better. The rash has not returned and the itching is at least 75% improved, for that I am grateful I can sleep through the night now without itching.”


“His skin looks so much better. The rashes are almost gone.” Brittany speaking about her son

Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

Peggy “I had extreme fatigue. I was functioning at best 4-6 hours per day. I had severe brain fog, could not concentrate, and tired easily. These symptoms kept me from interacting with life. I never knew when I would feel well enough to do anything. I had tried traditional allergy treatments and got no results.

Since undergoing the BAX-300 treatments, my general strength has improved. I don’t require as much sleep and my chiropractic adjustments hold better. My concentration is much better and the brain fog has dramatically improved. I now have hope and do more and feel better. I have confidence that I can start and complete tasks. I worry much less. But I still can’t sing opera! ” (Dr. Steve notes: Funny Peggy, you never could in the first place. )

General Comments

Justin D.
Failure to Thrive
“Justin was born one month early in Maple Creek, Canada. We live out in ranch territory in the plains in Canada. Justin was in intensive care for three days. He cried a lot. I watched what I ate noting milk products affected Justin. He would have upset stomachs and cry. While breast feeding he gained weight. But, we were forced to formulas and he began to loose weight. At 1 ½ years of age he was hospitalized . He was not gaining weight. The doctor wanted to place a feeding tube in Justin .I refused the procedure. Another doctor placed him on a reflux medicine. He was hospitalized for three weeks. We pulled him out of the hospital. As time went by the only thing Justin could tolerate was rice milk. He still was not gaining weight.
In December 2009 we brought Justin to see his grandparents in Indianapolis. Justin’s granpa looked for a specialist in allergies and was referred to Dr. Mangas. Dr.Mangas adjusted Justin and started him on the BAX protocols. The treatment was the only way to go. He was fading awaybefore we met Dr. Steve. In four weeks, with adjustments and the BAX protocols, he could jump, communicate way better, and eat foods way better….a way happier boy. To be treated for his allergy symptoms was like dark to light. He gained weight nomally. It has been beautiful to see his progress.
In June 2010 Justin came back from Canada for a checkup and more of the BAX protocols. We saw more improvement with these visits. We feel if we had not found Dr. Steve and the BAX protocols Justin would not be alive today. Our thanks goes out to Dr. Steve”


Ben   “Ben has a form of autism. He has difficulty focusing, eczema, and is very high energy. He has limited vocabulary and has been a very picky eater. He has had many different types of therapy. Since doing the BAX protocols, Ben has been able to stay with a project for longer periods of time and is no longer on a gluten-free diet. He has no symptoms of allergies. His language has started to develop with long sentences instead of phrases or 2-4 words.” Bethany 3/7/11

“You did not charge me enough for the results I received.” Sue

“I no longer have to look for a bathroom every time I go out in public.”