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Chiropractic care for your journey to health. 

Reduce your back and joint pain

Improve your brain function & energy

Reach your health & energy goals


Pain disrupts our plans and can drive us to take pills that can be highly addictive or even harmful.  Pain limits our lifestyle by restricting our activity. It attacks our loved ones, our friends, and ourselves.  It robs us of quality of life and life itself. We get it. We see it in our patients every single day.

We give your body the help it needs to recover, so you can live well again.

For decades we have used various means to identify underlying causes of pain and dysfunction while reducing or eliminating pain through various scientific and effective techniques.


Don’t let pain steal your quality of life.  You know there is a better way, a better life. Stop wishing, start moving towards getting a better quality of life.  Call now to schedule a consultation.

Chiropractic care


Braincore therapy



Schedule An Appointment

Call, one of great staff will schedule you for a consultation, discuss your history, and help you start the process towards getting better.

Analyze Your Health & Discuss Options

We will perform an analysis to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and come up with a plan of action per your goals.

Get your health back

Once we agree on a plan of action we will dive in and start moving towards a better quality of life.

Our Approach

It is your health, your goals, your agenda.  We are here to serve you, use objective analysis to determine the causes of the issues, and advise and treat accordingly with scientific and effective technics to help you meet your desired goals.

What others are saying.

Dr. Mangas is the BEST you will find! I have gone to him for years and not only for an “adjustment”. He will test you in other areas and suggest vitamins or minerals. I have also become a 150% believer in Accupuncture, thanks to Doc. He is also just a wonderful human being…… He takes the time to LISTEN to you….. you won’t be disappointed.

– Marti J.

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