PEMF Therapy

Learn How You Can Speed Recovery and Decrease Pain with PEMF Therapy.

What does Mangas Chiropractic have in common with the Seattle Seahawks, Phoenix Suns, Terrell Owens and Shaquille O’Neil? Besides obvious good looks and talent, we all have the P.E.R. 2000! We are excited to bring the P.E.R. 2000 to Indiana. And it’s not just for our athletes.

PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) Therapy helps trigger the body’s innate healing powers by helping restore optimal electrical function in cells. As the cells of your body come in contact with the pulsed energy, they constrict, forcing toxins out of the cell and then drawing the energy they need back in. It’s like a battery charger for your cells: the cells that need the energy absorb it, and the ones that are performing optimally let the energy pass by. This technology is being widely used by elite athletes: NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Olympians, and even professional race horses!


Frequently Asked:

Is PEMF therapy just electricity like TENS or Electrical Stimulation?

  • PEMF Therapy is much safer and far less invasive than direct current, electrical stimulation, or other electrical based modalities. Unlike those technologies, no electricity passes from the PER 2000 into the user.

Is PEMF Therapy safe?

  • YES! There have been ZERO adverse reactions or events reported with the use of the PER 2000! In 30 plus years of research, study, and mainstream use there have been no reported negative side effects with the use PEMF!

Who can use it?

  • It seems just about everyone uses the PER 2000 in our office ranging from athletes to. If you are pregnant, have a history of epileptic seizures, have active or diagnosed malignancies, or electronic implants, you are contraindicated from using the PER 2000. 

Common benefits:



  • Reduction of Inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Increased Range Of Motion
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Relaxation
  • Faster healing of broken bones
  • Faster recovery from surgery
  • Accelerated Nerve Regeneration
  • Improved Circulation
  • Reduced Insomnia
  • Improved Stroke Recovery
  • Stress Reduction

“I’ve used Pulsed Energy for 12 years to help a number of injuries over my career. A lot of people know me for recovering from injuries fast over my career. A lot of it has to do with diet and a lot of it with cutting edge technologies. This is where Pulsed Energy comes into play.”

Terrell Owens


I first used the PER 2000 6 days after surgery for a fractured knee cap. I used it one time. I finally got my kicking motion back in my leg! It’s amazing how far technology has come. Trust me, it works!

Gabe Watson


Dude, it helped me heal my hip fast enough to play in a playoff game.

Matt Hasselbeck


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