Why use nutritional supplements?

  • The body needs proper nutrients and enzymes to function and repair.
  • You don’t get all the necessary nutrients in your diet.  Foods today are not the nutrient rich foods of forty years ago. Fast meals, restaurant foods, skipped meals all lead to deficiencies which rob the body of fuel.
  • If a particular body system is nutrient deficient, it can cause a reflex from the organ to the spine triggering a recurrent subluxation/nerve interference. Using nutrition helps support your body’s systems.

Why use our supplements?

  • High quality
  • Known manufacturers
  • Best products for the money put in

Our Recommendations

Everybody has different goals and the same is true for our patients wishing to take supplements. So we have established different recommendations for those with different goals. If you want some guidelines, here are some excellent rules of thumb for nutrient supplementation.

Level I

No matter who you are, we recommend that all of our patients consider using a multivitamin and a multimineral.  Vitamins provide enzymes for chemical processes to occur and minerals provide building blocks for the body to perform repair work.

Level II

Add in omega 3 fatty acids – These fatty acids are critical for free radical reduction which are responsible for inflammatory conditions in the body.   Fatty acids also help protect the myelin sheath of the nervous system and enhance liver function and detoxification.

Level III

Add in B complex – Excellent for management of stress and function of the nervous system.  If the nervous system functions better, the body functions better.
Male/ Female cofactors for gonadal functions
Antioxidants like Vitamin C or Glutathione.

Level IV Specific Needs

If you have ever wandered into the vitamin aisle and wondered if there was something there your body needed, there are two ways to make that determination. One avenue is lab testing. An alternative means is through electrodermal screening with the Zyto/SpectraVision analysis systems. These systems use computerized nutritional biofeedback tools that provide analysis of various body systems to determine which supplements or homeopathics reduce the stress on those systems. We offer both of these options and would be happy to schedule an appointment to answer your questions about your body’s needs.

What’s the difference between vitamins, herbs, and homeopathic remedies?

Vitamins and minerals help the body build and repair. Herbs do not hold much nutritional value but do an awesome job balancing acupuncture pathways. Homeopathy helps antagonize the body to rally it’s repair mechanisms.  This is done by using faint dosage of a substance (like one part per hundred, thousand, or million) the antagonizes the body’s repair system.  Homeopathy was in practice for hundreds of years before pharmacology made the scene and is still widely used by populations overseas.

Nutrient, herbal, and homeopathic companies we prefer to use:

And a few individual supplements that we hand pick. What you won’t find in our office:  An overpriced multilevel marketing product that has unknown manufacturing practices.


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