Foot Ion Bath

Foot Ion Bath


If you ever say…

  • I’m tired…I want more energy
  • I feel sick…
  • I’m starting to get the flu…
  • My joints are stiff…
  • I wish I would get better quicker…
  • My body feels sluggish…
  • My immune system is weak…

…then perhaps you should consider an EB Bath!!!!

Detoxifies the body
Improves pH
Balances acupuncture pathways
Improves lymphatic drainage
Improves your energy

How Much?

  • $20.00 per session
  • $90.00 for 5 sessions

How Long    20 minutes

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Call, one of great staff will schedule you for a consultation, discuss your history, and help you start the process towards getting better.

Design Your Health Plan

We will perform an analysis to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and come up with a plan of action per your goals.

Get your health back

Once we agree on a plan of action we will dive in and start moving towards a better quality of life.

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