Care Options



Care Options



Patients in our office typically fall under one of the following phases of care. It is your choice what you do with your health, our hope is to help you accomplish your goals. I use an analogy of fire fighting to compare the types of care patients choose.

Damage Control/Crisis Care/Forest Fire Care – This is the type of care where people show up in our office after the condition has been let go too long or there has been significant and sudden damage. The pain is severe. Big fires require lots of energy to extinguish the fire or get it under control. Some folks choose just to get things “under control.”

Relief Care/Fire Department Care – This form of care is directed at getting a few adjustments or treatments to “make it better.”  The problem with this type of care is that you never really get to the point where things are corrected. You eliminate the pain but you fail to correct the underlying cause of the fire or damage. You just calm the flames and hope the next winds don’t cause you more problems.

Maintenance Care/Smokey Bear Care – “Only you can prevent forest fires!” Maintenance care is getting adjusted every few weeks or months to keep the nervous system firing at an optimum. This type of care reduces the frequency of relapses.

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We will perform an analysis to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and come up with a plan of action per your goals.

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Once we agree on a plan of action we will dive in and start moving towards a better quality of life.

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