Our fee structure is set up modestly. Our patient base varies from near homeless and multi-millionaires, active kids to retirees, professional athletes to professional couch potatoes. As our fees are very reasonable, our patients pay by cash, check, or credit card at the time of the visit.

If you have insurance, we are happy to file your claim for you, but we are not in-network providers for any insurance companies. We do not play insurance coding games, over bill, or allow the care of our patients to be compromised by their guidelines. Our office fees are such that most visits are the approximately the same as a copay in other clinics. Our Medicare patients pay at the time of the visit. We are not a participating provider for Medicare but will be happy to file a claim for you. The check will come to you if you are entitled to re-imbursement.

      • New Patient Exam: $50
      • Chiropractic Adjustment: $55 ($45 when paid at time of service)
      • Acupuncture: $30 ($15 in conjunction with a chiropractic adjustment)
      • AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging: $20
      • PL Series Erchonia Red Laser : $10
      • EVRL Erchonia Violet Laser: $20
      • FX-635 Erchonia Laser: $350 for 6 sessions; $500 for 10 sessions
      • Allerg-ease: $350 for 10 visits
      • Zyto Biocommunication Scan: $20
      • Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Field (PEMF): $10 (10 minute session)
      • Heart Rate Variability Test (HRV):  $20
      • Digital Postural Analysis: $20
      • BrainCore QEEG: $75
      • Spectravision: $275 for 10 laser treatments
      • Just Stop! Smoking Cessation Laser Therapy: $300 for 3 laser treatments
      • Diathermy: $10
      • Functional Health Analysis: $150 per hour (specific to Dr. Chloe Tillman)
      • Supplements: call for specific pricing, nutritional supplements vary
      • Orthotics: $250 (we order through Foot Levelers)
      • Labs: vary in price depending on the lab panels needed

All fees are due at the time of service except for BrainCore Therapy. As always, our objective is to help you accomplish your health goals. We consider it a blessing that you choose us to partner with to reach your health goals.