BrainCore Testimonies

                                            Just A Few of Our Happy Friends
“I was unable to read more than three sentences and then I would get confused. I was failing school and had to drop out of public school and start homeschooling.   I still struggled.  After Braincore I was able to comprehend everything I read, math got easier, and now I am getting great grades in college.   Thanks!”
“Our house is calmer, my son no longer has meltdowns, and he has quit wetting the bed!”
“After my head trauma my personality changed.  My friends didn’t want to be around.  My grade point average went from all A’s to D’s.  I was really moody and stayed to myself.   After Braincore, my friends came back, my grades went back to A’s, and I feel lots better.”

“Last spring before BrainCore Jacob could not sit still for more than a couple minutes. He was not sleeping well and constantly throwing fits. We could not go anywhere really. Since BrainCore we can now go to the store without a problem. Also, he will sit and play in one place for up to an hour which NEVER happened before.”
“My struggle with depression has ranged over 30 years with many ups and downs. After BrainCore, this challenge has improved to the point where I rarely have these feelings. When I do have them, it nearly always goes away within a few seconds. I am extremely thankful for the help that BrainCore has given me.”
“I”m able to focus better. I haven’t had a panic attack in a long time. I’m calmer and I feel more equipped to deal with stressful situations.”
“When we started we were at out wit’s end. He has been on medication since he was 6 years old and now at 14 he has been through all of them. Now, he is so much more focused on everything. School, retention and behavior. I highly recommend and am glad we came here.”