Introducing the BAX System to Central Indiana.

The BAX Aura and BAX-3000 Systems are FDA cleared, US patented system for eliminating hypersensitivities.  The BAX System is completely non-invasive and is safe for all ages. The BAX System is a breakthrough technology in the assessment and clearing of allergies, food sensitivities and more! It is the culmination of 30 years of reseach.  The BAX System is the expanded, digital version of the Nambutripad Allergy Elimination Technique (N.A.E.T.) for treating allergies. The BAX Aura and BAX-3000 Systems uses state-of-the-art technology in computerized biofeedback to screen and identify over 5000 substances in just a few minutes-without needles of any kind.

The identified sensitivites are represented by individual frequencies in the electromagnetic energy field.  We test each of these frequencies painlessly by passing them through the body.  The digital frequencies identified as allergens are transferred into the treatment laser.  The laser is passed over certain reprogramming points along various acupunture meridians.  Through this process of neurological desensitization and neutralization of the body’s immune response, the patient’s reactions are eliminated thereby desensitizing the patient to the allergen.

The BAX Aura and BAX-3000 Systems works by exposing the patient to a potential stress inducing substance, in the form of a digital signal. This digitized substance matches the harmonic frequency of the actual substance, making the body believe it is in contact with the real substance. The body will react if it does not harmonize with the stress inducing substance, and the computer will note the response. This response is imperceptible to the patient, the system will note the reaction. There are thousands of substances in the BAX Aura and BAX-3000 database, virtually insuring proper identification of all substances which may be causing various symptoms.


Until recently, allergy sufferers had limited options for relief and the options that were available had limited results at best.

Medical care typically included avoiding substances which cause allergic reactions which may be impossible for many sufferers. For instance,environmental allergies like pollens, pollutants, and chemicals are often impossible to avoid.  Avoiding food allergies can dramatically alter a family’s quality of life due to the severe restrictions.  Dining out can be nearly impossible.
Drugs such as antihistamines relieves symptoms of an allergy but do not eliminate the cause of the reaction. Many over-the-counter and prescribed medications can be very effective at offering symptom relief, but symptoms typically return once the medicine runs out..  Aside from the short-term nature of drug-based treatment, many people suffer side effects from drugs, and long-term effects of drug use on the body are unknown.  Other avenue of allopathic medicine treatment of allergies is to attempt to desensitize the patient via injecting them with a series of progressively stronger shots over many months or years.  These are very expensive, time consuming, and unpleasant.

In order to eliminate the symptom, we are going to break the substance/stress association. Various methods are used to apply the resonant digital signal to the body environment.  once the allergens are identified, a class 3 cold laser is loaded with the allergens’ frequency and emitted AT ACUPUNCTURE POINTS FOR ALLERGIES AND NERVE BUNDLES which in turn increases the level of relaxation while simultaneously acting as catalyst for the production and release of endorphins. The endorphin release is a pleasurable experience for the brain (a positive stimulus) which causes the old association to be broken, and maybe even a new association to form. This laser stimulation in conjunction with the allergen exposure re-educates the immune response to not react inappropriately during future exposures to the actual allergen.

Our treatments significantly improve, if not eliminate, most allergy symptoms & sensitivities with one treatment per allergen family.  Typically,  treatment bring the patient 80-95% improvement in 80-90% of the cases.