Weight Loss

Acupuncture-Acupuncture has long been utilized for weight loss.  Acupuncture in and of itself will not cause you to lose weight.  But, by treating certain points within the ear, you can reduce the desire or cravings for food.  This helps reduce the caloric intake which in turn helps you loose weight.

Work out plan-We recommend aerobic activity to help reduce weight.  Aerobic exercise means your heart rate has got to be “up there.”  To achieve aerobic exercise, your heart rate should be a value close to this: (170-age=#beats per minute).  To achieve the aerobic heart rate you must exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes if you expect results and if you go longer than thirty minutes, the better. Two days a week add an extra ten minutes to your work out to really burn fat.  Examples of aerobic exercise are running, swimming, cycling, elliptical rider, etc.   Gardening and chore are great activities, but they do not burn calories like the others I have mentioned.The frequency should be four or five days per week. I recommend using a Polar heart monitor to help you stay in the aerobic heart rate range.  They can be purchased at any bike or exercise store.  Obviously, use your head.

Food plan-Calories count!  The more calories you consume, the more fuel there is to burn.  Our general recommendations are as follows:

Have a good breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner.  Don’t eat large volumes close to bedtime.  If you divide a plate into quarters, two quarters should be vegetables.  One quarter should be a protein source, and on quarter should by a carbohydrate like fruits or whole grains.  …and for Pete’s sake, don’t feast on refined, fake foods.

Hydration is critical.  Divide your body weight by two and that value equals the number of ounces per day that one needs to consume to be properly hydrated.

Energy Hormones

  • Adrenals-They act as the fuel pumps of the body.  They make sure that the body has the blood sugar in the system for it to function properly.  Adrenal fatigue (hypoadrenalism) causes hypoglycemia.  If the adrenals are weak, fat will not be utilized effectively.
  • Thyroids-They act as the carborators of the body.  They determine how much fuel or blood sugar will be burned by the cells, the metabolic rate. Hypothyroidism is what causes lowered metabolic rates.