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How often can I be treated?

Between the ages of 10-65, it is recommended that you skip a day between treatments.  After 65, it is recommended that you place three days between treatments.    It is best to go through 10-15 baths over a fifteen week period.  Then, receive a EB bath every few weeks unless you are exposed to a new load of toxins.

Can I touch the array and will I feel anything?

Yes, you can touch the array and, no you will not feel anything during the EB bath.  Some patients comment that they feel an immediate difference after the bath, but that is not always the case.  Some feel a bit fatigued after the treatment, but after the body rebalanced from toxin release, you will become stronger.  The stronger you become, the greater the waste release.

Why does the water change colors?

Due to the metal array reacting with solids in the water, the patient’s pH, and toxins,the water will change colors.  water based toxins will stay in the water, but toxins locked in fat and mucus will be pulled from the body and stick to the side of the tub.

What about nutrition after the treatment?

Detoxification requires significant supplementation as the body accelerates metabolism.  The liver, kidneys, lymphatics, colon, adrenals, and skin must be given extra fuel to accommodate the additional stress place upon them. Heavy metals dislodged from cell receptor sites must be replaced with carbon based minerals to avoid re-uptake of the toxic metals.  The colon should be receiving fiber to bind the toxic matter and carry it out of the bowel.