BrainCore Testimonies

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70 Years Young

I was skeptical about this (BrainCore Therapy) working for me because I was a few months shy of 70 years of age. I had very little confidence and felt like I had “dumbed down” over the last five years. I had negative self talk and was slow in processing information, over thought things, and was subject to brain fog. I had some problems with short-term memory and had some symptoms of ADHD.

After BrainCore Therapy, the improvements my husband and I have seen are greater self confidence, no longer feeling “dumbed down”, faster processing of information, no overthinking, elimination of negative self talk, improve short-term memory, and I am much happier.

L.L. 11/16

Dr. Mangas & Angela,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done to help (son)! I know he isn’t finished with his BrainCore training, but I wanted to let you know that he is totally on the right track! After finishing his spring semester at Franklin College with failing grades, and losing his financial aid, he took it upon himself to enroll in summer classes to retake one course and get another out of the way. He finished BOTH courses with a final grade of B-!
His willingness to give BrainCore a try after years of being medicated was the first hurdle, but his turnaround would not have happened without your help! I am so excited to see these positive changes in him and his increased self-confidence! I can’t wait to see what his future holds for him now!
As a mom who has seen the potential in my son for so many years, I thank God that we were led to your doors, and I’m so humbled that you have helped to unlock Nick’s potential and helped him see all that he can do!
As a teacher, I shamelessly shared your information with the parents of my current 3rd grade students. So many parents hesitate to medicate their children, and with good reason. If I can point them to you and to BrainCore, and if they can be helped as Nick is being helped, then I have served them in a greater way than anything I could do in my classroom!

Forever grateful,

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Testimony for J.R. 9/22/15

Last spring before BrainCore Jacob could not sit still for more than a couple minutes. He was not sleeping well and was constantly throwing fits. We could not go to the store or anywhere really. It was very frustrating for me as well as him. He could not be in a room where people were talking animatedly or he would get upset and cover his ears. When trying to talk he was often stopping in the middle and would start crying that he could not remember what he was saying which I found very odd for a 3-4 year old.

Since BrainCore we can now go to the store without a problem. If he does get upset it is very short lived and we can move on. I have not heard him say anything about not being able to “remember”, which happened often. He will sit and play in one place with toys, play-doh, coloring for a much longer period of time of 30 minutes to an hour which NEVER happened before. He is sleeping much better. On average he is sleeping 9 hours at night and a 2 hour nap. Noise does not seem to bother him, unless he is tired. He seems to have “settled” down greatly since we began. I can not express how much of a change this has made in all of our lives. I can not thank you enough for what you all do here!


Testimony for V.W. 4-19-16

My struggle with depression has ranged over 30 years, with many ups and downs. Most recently, the last several years I have continued to wake up with a feeling of mild to moderate depression nearly each morning. This was a terrible thing to know would probably welcome me each morning.

After BrainCore, this challenge has improved to the point where I rarely have these feelings. When I do have them, it nearly always goes away within a few seconds.

I am extremely thankful for the help that BrainCore has given me in this area.



Below is the testimony from P.B. dated April 11, 2016.
Depression has been plaguing me for over 15 years. Medications left me starring into space. There seemed to be no quality of life. The testing showed there was much room for improvement, so my husband and I decided I should try it.

Angie was great! She explained everything clearly. She answered all my questions and concerns about this new adventure called BrainCore. I used to see commercials on TV that this is a “cure” for people with a learning disability. I used to remark to the advertisement with “yeah, right.” When some simple math skills I never understood started making sense, I started eating those words. My big dark depression cloud started lifting about the 5th week. Wow! I started noticing I had interest in doing things again. The world was a little brighter. By about the 15th week, I noticed I was sleeping less. Before Braincore, I would regularly sleep as much as 16 hours when I could. Now I sleep about 8 to 10 hours and feel ready to run the day without being tired or sluggish. This winter, I had one physical challenge after another. If there was going to be any return of depression it would have happened. I kept going. It wasn’t hard. The deep sadness wasn’t there. It wasn’t ok that these bad things happened, but I was ok. Yes, I cried about the physical things that happened again and again, but I was surprised I could laugh and joke about it too. Depression would have taken me to a corner by myself, isolated away from those who care about me. Not any more.

It is difficult to know if this can work for everyone with depression. It is a haunting disease. For me, BrainCore was worth my time and money.

Thank you, Dr. Mangas and Angie for your work and time.
Happily ever after.