What to Expect in Your Progress

Our experience shows sudden onset problems resolve much faster than chronic issues.  Recovery is generally “two steps forward, one step back.”  In other words, people will feel better, then they may back slide a little.  Typically there is no instant recovery.  We do expect changes within a short period of time.

Most people, after a few treatments, will see a decrease in the intensity of symptoms (how bad it hurts), the frequency of the pain (it doesn’t hurt as often), or the duration of the pain (the pain only lasts a few hours each day verses it being there all day or you have less hours of misery). However, there is a small minority that will feel no change right away. If there is no change in your condition, we will delve deeper and/or call in other care provider’s opinions.  We have worked in conjunction with some of the best medical people in the area and typically have a good working relationship with them.

If the condition has been present for years or there has been significant joint or tissue damage, the condition is chronic.  Not all chronic conditions are correctable but we will work hard to maximize your outcome.  We help manage these difficult conditions so you can achieve optimum function and the least pain or distress possible.