0Acupuncture has long had a bad rap by the “scientific world” for it’s lack of objective analysis. At Mangas Chirorpractic and Acupuncture, we have taken steps to make acupuncture objective and quantifiable. We utilize the ACUGRAPH, which is a computerized form of analysis that lets us see what electrical circuits are normal, excessive, under-active, and out of balance. We then know the exact points to bring the body’s electrical or energetic circuits back to balance.

The test is noninvasive and doesn’t use needles. It is very “kid friendly.” We take measurements on the wrist and feet where the acupuncture circuits come to the surface. These points function on the same principle as the electrical outlets open to plugs in your walls. On these points we can measure the current in the pathway. The test is not much different than using a volt meter to measure the current in an electrical circuit in your house, only we are measuring the current in the body. The test lasts only two minutes.

Once we know what imbalances need treated, we can give you recommendations of foods and chinese herbals that you may use to help accelerate your improvement in your health.

If you are only seeking acupuncture care the cost of the test by itself is $50.00. If you are coming to our office for a combination of chiropractic and acupuncture, the cost of the test is included in the initial exam fee. The exam is typically performed on the second visit to our office.