Indianapolis AcupunctureAt Mangas Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we strive to meet your health and wellness goals.  One of the tools we utilize to restore health is acupuncture.  In our office, we combine the age old art of acupuncture with today’s modern analysis techniques.

To better understand how acupuncture works and put it in layman’s terms, we will utilize the analogy of a light bulb.  The body has many electrical circuits, much like a house has many circuits.  There are circuits that go to every major organ system of the body.  There is a large intestine pathway, kidney pathway, spleen pathway, etc.. Getting back to our light bulb analogy, if there is too much current in the pathway, the light bulb gets hot and then burns out.  If there is not enough current, the light bulb is dim.  The same is true for acupuncture pathways.  If there is too much current in the acupuncture pathway the organ system will be inflamed.  If there is not enough, the organ system will be weak and function poorly.  Traditionally, we see people start out having inflammatory issues and the longer the condition runs, it turns into weakness.  Treatment is designed to restore these current imbalances and give the organ/muscle system the appropriate amount of energy to function properly.

FMI Report ImageWe use computer assisted measurements and analysis in conjunction with traditional Chinese diagnosis to evaluate the electrical imbalances of the body.  Once we have determined the appropriate diagnosis, we then can turn to utilizing the appropriate treatment.

Treatment can consist of laser acupuncture that does not utilize needles.  If needles are used, they are very small and are typically inserted just a few millimeters into the skin.  These needles are very thin and sharp so when they are inserted, they move the cells apart, much like running a comb thru hair.  We initially use insertion tubes with our patients.  This means the patient feels no “needle stick.”  Typically, our patients remark that if they feel anything with acupuncture, it is similar to a mosquito bite.  For those who are really needle phobic, we have many other means to treat acupuncture points.  Don’t let concept freak you out.  It really is not like getting shots. Additionally, we will use Chinese herbal formulas to help correct imbalances.  These herbals are very reasonably priced and not intended for long term use.

Results can be amazing.  We weekly see dramatic changes in pain, swelling, digestive functions, breathing, and mobility.

We offer free consultations to answer questions regarding your particular case and if acupuncture is what you need.  Please call 317-247-1717 and schedule to get yourself back on the road to better health.