Indianapolis Acupuncture


Acupuncture is a tool we utilize to restore health.  We combine the age old art of acupuncture with today’s modern computerized analysis.



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We utilize a new evolution in acupuncture called the Acugraph, a computerized form of measurement and analysis to evaluate the electrical imbalances of the body and helps determine if acupuncture would be helpful in improving one’s overall health or condition.  It does not utilize needles to measure. AcuGraph helps pinpoint locate imbalances, pinpoint the most effective treatments, and demonstrate the power of acupuncture with objective proof. 

Step 3:Treatment

First, no, receiving acupuncture isn’t like getting injections or shots! Treatment can consist of traditional needle work or laser acupuncture.  If needles are utilized, they are very thin (5 acupuncture needles can fit into the interior of an insulin needle) and are typically inserted just a few millimeters into the skin. Our patients relate our acupuncture techniques may, in worst case scenarios, feel similar to a mosquito bite.  Most times the patient feels little to nothing during the course of treatment.  For those who are really needle phobic, we have many other means to treat acupuncture points.  The severity of the imbalance, the amount of time symptoms have been present, etc. predicates how fast and how many sessions one might need to regain better function and reduce symptoms.

Results can be amazing.  We weekly see dramatic changes in pain, swelling, digestive functions, breathing, and mobility.

We offer free consultations to answer questions regarding your particular case and if acupuncture is what you need.  Please call 317-247-1717 and schedule to get yourself back on the road to better health.



“I was a skeptic.  Not any more. Two treatments and my chronic back pain was cut in half!”

“I was nervous about the whole needle thing.  Dr. Steve had them in and headed out the door before I realized he had already placed the pins in.  My neck is much better.”

“We tried everything to have a child.  After a few months, my cycle was normal and we now have a baby girl!  Thank you thank you!”

“I was told I had the beginnings of emphysema.  I don’t know what I had.  All I know is I couldn’t breath.  After a few treatments with acupuncture, I was blowing up balloons and could climb stairs without gasping for air.”

“My twenty year battle with sinus headaches is almost over and when they do come, they aren’t nearly as bad.”