Allergy vs. Sensitivity

Food compatible with your system builds up the body and increase strength.
Foods the body perceives as harmful will result in intolerance reactions. There is increase toxic free radicals and other inflammatory chemicals.

Symptoms can typically be dose related, chronic, and delayed. If the offending food is sub-threshold, it won’t create symptoms until enough of the offending agent is ingested. (ex. Hidden components in complex foods like protein bars and fruit rollups) Also, cofactors needed by the liver to detoxify in the liver are missing rendering the food a stressor to the body and the immune system attacks it.

The increasing total load of the toxicity by-products produces a long term increase in incidences, especially when the gut membrane is compromised (leaky gut etc.).

Food that the body has an allergy to produces an IgE release causing symptoms or anaphylaxis. Symptoms are dramatic, and intentionally so, as this is the body’s defense mechanism. (ex. Parasite vs. small immune cells)