Journal of Pediatrics Reports Antibiotics For Treating Ear Infections May Cause Permanent Intestinal Damage

The Wall Street Journal and Journal of Pediatrics reported that in recent studies the use of antibiotics for the treatment of Otitis Media (inner ear infections) in children can do significant damage to young digestive systems leading to severe inflammatory conditions like Crohns, IBS, and ulcerative colitis. The studies went so far as to report […]

Allergies Helped Without Shots Reported in Wall Street Journal

In the 4/2/2013 edition of the Wall Street Journal, studies out of Europe are reported good success using sublingual “allergy drops” to help in reducing the symptoms of allergies. This same type of therapy has been used through homeopathy. In thirteen studies with over 5,000 participants suffering from asthma, 70% had significant improvement in symptoms. […]

Allergy Foods Introduced Earlier? Wall Street Journal Article 3/5/2013

The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reported that in a study of 5,000 babies with food allergy symptoms, those with low vitamin D levels were three times more likely to have severe symptoms. A 2011 study showed that 39% of the kids with food allergies have severe reactions. The studies also cited that food […]

Allergy vs. Sensitivity

Food compatible with your system builds up the body and increase strength.   Foods the body perceives as harmful will result in intolerance reactions. There is increase toxic free radicals and other inflammatory chemicals. Symptoms can typically be dose related, chronic, and delayed. If the offending food is sub-threshold, it won’t create symptoms until enough […]